Enough with the daily writing prompts: Teach craft in context via free choice

Forget about daily writing prompts and canned writing instruction systems. All you need is a high interest mentor text, paper and pencil, and students. Offer choice and conference with students. The rest will take care of itself.

Sirena and Allison show us how every single state standard can be addressed during free choice writing. And the best part? Our focus is on the joy of writing and NOT on the drill and kill mastery of isolated skills.

She’s a Keeper

Author and Educator Gretchen Bernabei on Literacy, Life, and Fairy Tales

The literacy gods smiled on me the day I met Gretchen Bernabei. If you’ve met her, you understand: her energy is contagious. Gretchen is not only a master of writing instruction, but also a dynamic performer and responsive communicator — at a Bernabei workshop, no one is bored. 

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