Coffee chat with award-winning author Kathi Appelt!

Kathi Appelt, award-winning author of more than 30 books for children and young adults, chats with me about the impact of extended isolation during the current quarantine, the importance of giving students the freedom to choose what they want to read, and the power of fiction stories to grow a more empathetic world.

Angel Thieves Giveaway

Kathi has generously offered to send signed copies of her newest book, Angel Thieves, to three lucky viewers! Please comment below and include an email addess (contact information will not be shared publicly) and then share this post on Facebook or Twitter. I will select three viewers at random and notify you via email or Facebook Messenger.

Coming soon: Author chat with award-winning poet, author, and teacher, Kathi Appelt!

Kathi Appelt, award-winning author of such notable children’s books as The Underneath and Maybe a Fox, joins me this week to chat about reading and writing instruction, distance learning, the creative process, and much more! Look for our coffee chat this Friday morning!

Coffee chat with Cyndi Marko, author/illustrator of the Scholastic series, Kung Pow Chicken

Cyndi Marko, author/illustrator of the Scholastic series Kung Pow Chicken, chats with me about her creative process, the power of graphic novels, and creativity in a time of extreme isolation.

Teachers, parents, and students: Cyndi has generously offered to share a few tips for anyone who may want to try their hand at creating graphic novels in the form of a spectacularly groovy comic called The Graphic Adventures of Stick Boy! Download it here for free!

Kung Pow Chicken Giveaway!

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