Isolation’s impact on reading focus; my crazy reading process; and some of my top book recommendations from the past year

Author: Darren Victory

Darren Victory is a fourth-grade reading and writing teacher and literacy consultant. Prior to entering the world of education, Victory spent 15 years as a writer and editor for various magazines and newspapers. Mayonnaise makes him gag and he’s terrified of canned biscuits. He currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with the two loves of his life — Netflix and a somewhat alive house plant.

4 thoughts on “Isolation’s impact on reading focus; my crazy reading process; and some of my top book recommendations from the past year”

  1. Hey Darren, really interested in the Aspergers book and a couple others you mentioned. Will look them up. Have autistic grandchild. Will have to see what that means. I wanted to share this with you and it affects writers concerning free speech of past and present books. It is signed by over 150 famous people. I’m concerned about what strange restrictions will be on teachers this coming year in forced opening of schools with social distancing measures. I wonder what will happen to children or their families with health conditions that might not can comply since my grandchild is special needs. L. T.


    1. Thank you, Linda! I hope you enjoy the books and find them helpful. And what an important letter in Harpers — particularly given the challenges we we currently face. I’m concerned as well about teachers, students, and families as schools reopen with what in many cases seems to be little to no thoughtful guidance on the part of state and federal education officials. We certainly have a rough road ahead. Thank you for sharing!


  2. For a simple fun read you might like “Dispatches From Pluto” by Smithsonian Institute writer Richard Grant. There is a success story of a school within the story along the lines of your interests. The book is not about the school. But it does share a lot of detail about how the school was turned around for the better. After the school’s success it later comes under attack again. The characters are intriguing and will hold you to your seat. They are real people not fiction nor embellished and I know them all which makes it all the more insane. It will have you laughing yourself to death as you scratch your head. I attest that the stories are true and had things happen to me that happened to the author.


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